CS 476: Computer Graphics - Module 15 Exercise 2 (1.5 Points)

Graphics content developed by Chris Tralie. Module autograding ecosystem designed by Chris Tralie and Bill Mongan.

Exercise Goals

The goals of this exercise are:
  1. Manipulate heightmaps for levelset curve editing
  2. Work with implicit representations of curves
Change the function and adjust the isolevel so that the levelset consists of a loop inside of another loop. In 3D as a heightmap, a surface where such an isolevel exists is a volcano.

Heightmap Editor

function fn(x, y) { function gauss(x, y, cx, cy, sigma) { const dx = x - cx; const dy = y - cy; return Math.exp(-(dx*dx+dy*dy)/(sigma*sigma)); } return gauss(x, y, 0, 0, 0.2); }

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